Canyon Ranch

What Happened To Moderation

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"We live in a world of extremes in our politics and media.  This lack of moderation is often displayed in our choice of health routines.  "Experts" advocate dietary regimes in a mind-boggling array of vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and more unusual options, and we are bombarded by ads for medicines and dietary supplements.  As a result, millions consume unregulated, untested products hoping for a magical cure."

"As a veteran family medicine physician and the Medical Director at the Canyon Ranch Wellness Resorts in Tucson, Arizona, Dr. Stephen Brewer has a wealth of experience, and his aim is to challenge our thinking about what is best for our health.  What Happened to Moderation? makes the case that a healthy lifestyle does not need to be an arduous endeavor, and common-sense solutions to health problems are often the best approach."

"This is a welcome guide for good living that's sustainable for men and women of all ages."

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