Serenity Tibet

Frosted Chakra Singing Bowl Blue Throat

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If you are exploring the world of sound therapy, meditation, or simply wish to bring the peaceful effects of sounds into your life, our Frosted Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls are for you. When struck or played around the rim, these bowls emit beautiful tones that fill any space with soothing vibrations. These bowls feature a beautiful matte in bright colors that each represent a different Chakra. Choose a color that resonates with you!

Available in 7 Chakra colors:

  • Purple= Crown Chakra & B Note.
  • Indigo= Third Eye Chakra & A Note,
  • Blue= Throat Chakra & G Note,
  • Green= Heart Chakra & F Note,
  • Yellow= Solar Plexus Chakra & E Note,
  • Orange= Sacral Chakra & D Note,
  • Red= Root Chakra & C Note.