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By Rabbi Sherre Hirsch

Whether it’s our cozy bedroom, our toy-strewn family room, or our newly renovated kitchen, we all have our favorite rooms in our homes.  But when do we ever think about the thresholds? We spend a lot of time traversing thresholds - both in our homes, and in our lives. 
                Of course, this is not a book about how to build a house; it is book about how build a rich and rewarding life.  When I talk about the thresholds of life, I am referring to those times of transition; when we are moving from the way we were accustomed to living to a new way of thinking, feeling, and being. Every one of us will experience many such moments. Some will be exciting - a new job, a marriage, the birth of a child. Others - the death of a parent, an empty nest, a divorce –  will be painful. Either way, crossing from a “room” that is comfortable and familiar into one that feels uncertain and unpredictable, can be terrifying. But what if, instead of viewing these thresholds as barriers or obstacles, you could see them as doorways to bigger and better opportunities? If you could embrace change as a wellspring of motivation rather than a source of fear? If the thought of the unknown future left you feeling empowered and excited, instead of paralyzed? 
                Here, Sherre Hirsch draws on decades of counseling individuals of all faiths and religions, the wisdom of ancient stories, research from psychology, and tales from real life, to help readers summon the faith, courage, and confidence to embrace the exhilarating new possibilities and experiences that lie across the threshold.   With her signature warmth and empathic style, Hirsch, like a trusted friend,  wise counselor, and spiritual advisor rolled into one, guides readers through the most challenging – and the most blessed – transitions of their one precious life.

 Praise for Thresholds

Thresholds is a book that will change lives.  Rabbi Sherre Hirsch, in a voice of wisdom and encouragement, leads us through life's transitions.  She teaches us how to move past fear and uncover faith and courage and our true strength.  We learn to expand our awareness and transform scary times of change into times of possibility and new opportunity.  Hirsch reaches out to us with her warmth and empathy, she takes our hands and guides us toward new hope and new blessings.  - Rabbi Naomi Levy, author of To Begin Again and Hope Will Find You      
“In a world in which we are consumed with 24/7 hour news cycles, graphic displays of suffering from around the world and incivility is the norm, rather than an exception, Sherre Hirsch helps us find comfort. With each passage of Thresholds, you are inspired, encouraged and made more confident about your ability to navigate life's transitions and find our own little piece of heaven here on earth.” -Arvea Martin, Attorney, author, and President and Founder of Special Needs Network

“There are lots of books about dealing with difficult situations, but Sherre Hirsch has written a most useful guide to those “liminal” moments between the known and the unknown, when we are fearful because we don’t know what we might be getting into.”- Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People

“A powerful book that helps you positively shift your perspective on how to look at your life, your obstacles and your regrets. Hirsch offers her wisdom, her insights and her humor in such a compelling way that you walk away looking at your life differently and your challenges differently. Anyone who has ever struggled or had questions about their lives (which is everyone!) should read Thresholds– Jane Buckingham,  Founder and President of Trendera, and author of The Modern Girls Guide to Life.


Hardcover: 192 pages
Publisher: Harmony (August 18, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0307590836
ISBN-13: 978-0307590831
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