• The Everest Principle: How to Achieve the Summit of Your Life

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The Everest Principle: How to Achieve the Summit of Your Life

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This book is called The Everest Principle because Mt. Everest is the highest, and arguably, one of the most challenging mountains a person can climb. The metaphor of climbing Mt. Everest is woven throughout the book as a means to guide you through the trail markers for peak performance. Everyone has, at some point in their life, an Everest to ascend. The Everest Principle becomes your “outfitter” to assess, prepare, train, guide, and equip you for the expedition to the top of your personal Everest. This Principle requires the use of an integrative approach that addresses your medical, nutritional, physical, and behavioral health. Peak performance does not limit itself to the elite athlete or performer. It is for anyone who wants to improve his or her individual life. These treks may include real-life challenges such as achieving a higher level in your relationship with another, getting a promotion, running your first 5K fun run, or weight loss. The purpose of this book is to instill you with the belief that you can overcome barriers, attain high-level goals, and enhance your life in every way!


About the Author

Stephen C. Brewer, M.D., is the Medical Director of the world-renowned Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tucson, Arizona. He is a board-certified family physician with a subspecialty in integrative medicine.  Dr. Brewer and his coauthor, Peggy Wagner, have developed a Peak Performance program whose purpose is to help individuals excel in their health and their goals, both personally and professionally. 

Peggy Wagner is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) at Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tucson, Arizona. A graduate of the University of Vermont, she has been trained in hypnosis, EMDR, and other life-enhancement techniques. Peggy also speaks nationally and internationally on peak performance and other wellness topics. Her work has been featured in prisons, Native American reservations, alternative schools, hospitals, and drug-and-alcohol treatment centers.


Print Length: 290 pages

ISBN: 1401924603

Publisher: Hay House (February 1, 2010)

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