T Spheres

Aromatherapy-Infused Massage Balls

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Sail Away  Yoga-Sport set

Purified rubber compound molded with textured finish specifically for myofascial, trigger point and acupressure applications in yoga/fitness classes.

Aromatherapy Infusion: Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Sweet Basil
  • Textured finish for better traction on skin contact
  • Molded specifically for myofascial, trigger point & acupressure application.
  • Latex-free aromatherapy infused rubber compound
  • Lightly Infused with pure essential oils without an oily residue
  • Size:  57mm diameter
  • Over 17 years of research and development, with patent pending

 Reinvigorate the aromatherapy effect with our refresher spray.

“T Spheres have managed to combine the appropriate mechanical effects of soft tissue mobilization along with the chemical and psychosocial effects of aromatherapy and color in one durable product that’s easy to travel with.” 
– Erwin Benedict Valencia
Team Physical Therapist & Assistant Athletic Trainer, New York Knicks
Former Major League Rehabilitation Director, Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Club