• Omega 3/6
  • Omega 3/6

Canyon Ranch®

Omega 3/6

$ 29.95

This formula is ideal for people who want the heart-healthy benefits of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and may have trouble getting them from their diets. These nutrients nourish the digestive tract, skin and hair and provide important building blocks for the brain. Natural lemon oil flavor has been added, lending a pleasant, light scent and taste.

This exceptional Canyon Ranch Omega 3/6 Formula helps your body get enough high-quality fatty acids. An advanced molecular distillation process super-concentrates the density of critical omega-3 fatty acids of EPA and DHA. Then a secondary steam distillation process ensures that this highly refined oil is free of contaminants, environmental toxins and heavy metals and has a clean, non-fishy taste. To this newly improved formula featuring the highest-density fish oil available, we add the extra benefit of omega-6 GLA from borage seed oil. EPA and DHA: These long-chain omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish oil. Canyon Ranch has chosen a highly purified marine oil source of omega-3 fatty acids to minimize exposure to contaminants. 

Gamma Linolenic Acid: GLA is transformed into a unique prostaglandin that fights inflammation and seems to protect against blood clots and elevated blood lipids. Providing a mixture of these three important fatty acids enhances the effectiveness of the GLA and optimizes the effect of the supplement.
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