Conscious Coconut Oil 8oz Jar
Conscious Coconut

Conscious Coconut Oil 8oz Jar

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100% USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified™, Virgin, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil in an 8 oz. Jar. Please read “Packaging” below about coco consistency.



Conscious Coconut Oil Jars are 8 ounces of pure love for both internal and external wellness. AND they're recyclable. We believe your Sunday self-love rituals, from warm cups of coffee to steamy baths, deserve the best! 8 ounces of Small Batch, Fair Trade, Organic, Hand-Pressed Conscious Coconut Oil for your bathroom & kitchen counters. It's organic, simple and convenient to use one product for 20 different, daily uses.

Daily Moisturizer
Using coconut oil on your skin can be the difference between flaky, dry skin, and soft, glowing skin. Lucky for you, CoCo is a nourishing moisturizer for all skin types.

Makeup Remover
Gentle but mighty, Conscious Coconut Oil can be used to remove any amount of makeup after a fun night out. Simply liquify the coconut oil in your hands when it's in its natural solid state, and gently rub onto dry skin, paying special atten­tion to heavy eye makeup. Once your makeup has been suffi­ciently melted away, rinse your face with warm water and pat dry. Good as new!

After Sun Care
Laurie acid is a saturated fat in coconut oil that helps to heal sunburns by keeping them moisturized and preventing peel­ing, blistering, and scarring. CoCo also has a cooling effect that will ease the pain and keep your skin smiling.

Shaving Cream & After Shave
Avoid razor burn, bumps, and irritation from shaving by swap­ping your shaving cream out for Conscious Coconut Oil. The oil will moisturize your legs while making them feel silky smooth.

Oil Pulling
Lessen the load of bacteria in your mouth by oil pulling with coconut oil. Swishing your smile with a tablespoon of Con­scious Coconut daily will work as an oral detox and sinus savior, while also strengthening your teeth and gums. Added bonus? Expect fresher breath & whiter teeth!

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