Canyon Ranch Healthy Sleep Mattress Set
Canyon Ranch Healthy Sleep Mattress Set
Canyon Ranch Healthy Sleep Mattress Set
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Canyon Ranch Healthy Sleep Mattress Set

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Canyon Ranch Healthy Sleep Mattress Set

When we don’t get good rest, we’re more likely to become ill, gain weight and feel depressed, and our cognitive skills, including memory and reasoning, can suffer. In the worst cases, sleep deprivation can raise our risk for two major threats: type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

But when you do get an adequate amount of top-notch sleep (seven to nine hours a night is optimal for most adults, though sleep needs vary a lot and you may need more or less than that), the benefits across all aspects of your life—including your physical and emotional health, your relationships and your career—are powerful.

“Like nutrition and exercise, the importance of sleep does not diminish but increases to meet the demands and opportunities of everyday life,” says Param Dedhia, M.D., Director of Sleep Medicine at Canyon Ranch in Tucson.



Available in King, Queen and Full sizes.   

7" Foundation
Home delivery and haul away of old mattress
10 Year Warranty


    Foundations are 7" high
    Mattress is 14" high

    Full..............................53 x 74.5
    Queen........................60 x 79.5
    Standard King.........76 x 79.5
    California King........72 x 83.5

    *Please measure your bed frame prior to ordering to ensure proper fit.   Returns are not accepted.

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