• Bone Nutrients
  • Bone Nutrients

Canyon Ranch®

Bone Nutrients

$ 27.95

For Strong, Healthy Bones

Bone loss occurs as a result of natural aging, but stress, air pollution, cigarette smoke, alcohol, caffeine, and quite possibly excessive amounts of sugar, refined carbohydrates and animal protein in the diet may step up the process. This formula is ideal for anyone at risk for bone loss.  It is designed to be used with Ranch One Multiple Vitamin/Mineral Supplement.
Rather than merely providing calcium and magnesium, Canyon Ranch has included highly absorbable forms of research-supported nutrients – vitamin D3 , boron, zinc, silica and vitamin K – all fundamental to your body’s ability to maintain strong bones:
Calcium: Easy-to-absorb form of calcium citrate, which, unlike calcium carbonate, doesn’t contribute to digestive problems.
Vitamin D3: Ample vitamin D is needed to maintain optimal bone mass, and Canyon Ranch uses D3 , which is more effective in increasing serum levels than the D2 form. We provide the higher doses found to be essential to maintain health.
Magnesium: Even though magnesium is the second most abundant mineral in bones, it is frequently deficient in the diet. Magnesium is vital for heart, brain and bone health.
Vitamin K: This supplement provides 1 mg of vitamin K – an amount shown in research to be associated with optimum maintenance of bone mass.
Boron, Zinc and Copper: These trace minerals are known to be essential for bone health. This formula provides high-quality amino acid chelates – the most bioavailable forms.
Silica: Extracted from the horsetail plant, silica has recently been shown to be involved in the production of the collagen framework of bone.
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