Muscle Release Oil

Muscle Release Oil

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Soothes sore muscles and joints. Cools and calms inflamed tissue, gently stimulating circulation and bringing oxygen and nutrients to enhance healing. Ayurvedic and Western herbal and base oils help soothe and calm inflamed joints and muscles. As tissues are calming, circulation is gently stimulated bringing oxygen and nutrients to target areas to enhance healing. PH 5.5-5.6, balanced for the skin.

Size: 100ml

Skin Type: All Skin Types(Tridosha)


Almond oil, Grapeseed oil, Aloe Vera oil, Jojoba oil, oil extract of: Devils Claw, Boswellia, Birch, Lavender, Licorice, Arnica, Vitamin E Tocopherol; Sunflower Oleic oil; Sesame oil; Almond oil; Squalane (olive-derived); Castor oil; Vitamin E Tocopherol; Sweet Birch EO; Lavender EO; Camphor EO; Cedarwood EO; CO2 extract of Frankincense; Helichrysum EO; Melissa EO; Blue Chamomile EO; Plai EO; Turmeric EO; Yarrow EO

Directions for Use

Massage the oil into skin where there is muscle or joint soreness, use as part of a fitness program, apply prior to working out. Reapply as needed. May be used as a massage oil.

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