Organic Birch Mineral Hydrotherapy Soaking Plunge
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Organic Birch Mineral Hydrotherapy Soaking Plunge

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organic birch mineral hydrotherapy soaking plunge
release tension, muscle and joint pain

immerse the body in the healing waters of soothing sea minerals, fresh tree oils and crushed juniper berries. experience deep muscular, circulatory and spiritual relief through hydrotherapy as the body is rendered weightless. find release in this invigorating soak of hand-harvested certified organic grey sea salt from the coast of brittany, rich in essential nutrients that rejuvenate and stimulate cellular turnover. breathe in earthy green violet leaf, crushed mint leaves, fallen pine needles, and warm rosewood to transport the senses to place of untouched wilderness. the soothing bark extracts of birch and fir ease muscular and joint pain, while reducing inflammation. this warming holistic soak brings to mind the burning fires of dry aged wood inside a hot cedar sauna, leaving the body feeling refreshed, revitalized and alive.

self-care: the finnish culture believes that nature cares for the soul. the health benefits of bathing in mineral rich water are both pleasurable and profound. offering a sense of physical well-being, a healing bath relieves the pain of physical wounds and aching muscles, to calm the mind and nourish the spirit.

tip: empty a generous handful into a hot bath and plunge into the curative steaming water.
apply a cold cloth to the head while bathing and alternate between the hot bath and cooling washcloth. this contrast of cooling and heating the body stimulates the circulation, awakens the mind and boosts the immune system. for a therapeutic facial steam and to enhance the benefits of birch on the skin, soak the salts in a bowl of steaming hot water and breath in.

skin type: best suited for joint and muscle pain. as a facial steam, best suited for normal to oily skin. treat the body to a restorative soak twice a week.

origin: the finnish sauna tradition revolves around heating and cooling the body. after heating the body to stimulate perspiration inside the sauna, bathers plunge themselves into icy cold water or cover themselves in fresh powdery snow to cool down. the repetition of heating and cooling is known as contrast therapy. heat dilates the blood vessels while cold water constricts to increase blood flow. this process stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system, to ease muscles, relieve nerves, and increase white blood cells to boost the immune system. as it normalizes the endocrine system, it reduces anxiety and calms nervous disorders for an overall soothing soak.

"numerous studies have examined potential immunomodulatory effects of hydrotherapy treatments with promising results. a study testing the immune effects of cold water therapy in cancer patients found statistically significant increases in white blood cell counts in subjects post-treatment compared with pre-treatment values." - naturopathy and the primary care practice: clinics in office practice, sara a. fleming, nancy c. gutknecht.

"tired muscles reap two main benefits from the bath: relaxation and improved circulation. The later disperses lactic acid and ensures a swift recovery from fatigue. it may also help to remove fluid that has seeped into tired muscles from blood vessels during the stress of exercise." - stephen young, new scientist magazine.

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