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Sole Energizers™

$ 60.00

More than any other part of your body, your feet are subject to constant abuse … and when they hurt, everything hurts! Even small abnormalities can lead to big problems because with foot discomfort, chances are you’re compensating somewhere. The result is pain you can feel in knees, hips, back – all the way up to your neck and shoulders.

Repetitive stress, misaligned movement patterns (abnormal biomechanics) and wearing shoes – especially ill-fitting shoes – are some of the factors that can lead to foot problems.

Sole Energizers™ to the rescue! This revolutionary new system was developed exclusively for Canyon Ranch Healthy Feet™ in conjunction with Dr. Glenn Copeland, podiatrist for the Toronto Blue Jays and bestselling author of five books including The Good Foot Book and The Foot Doctor. Now, with Sole Energizers, anyone can maintain strong, flexible feet.

Portable and easy to carry in their custom cloth bag, Sole Energizers are handy to use on the floor next to your favorite reading chair at home, at the sink where you wash the dishes, or under your desk at work. Your Sole Energizers kit includes an illustrated booklet with instructions for the “Basic 5” exercises.

Just a few minutes a day with Sole Energizers can give you great results. They promote strength, flexibility and range of motion, resulting in improved circulation, balance, gait and a fabulous energy boost. Your feet will thank you!
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